Treatment for emotional trauma, PTSD and Anxiety

The stellate Ganglion Block (SGB) can be used to treat symptoms of emotional Trauma, PTSD1 and anxiety2. In September 2023, Stella’s Australian clinical team published a retrospective study on 99 patients - access the study here.

1. Lipov, E. G., Jacobs, R., Springer, S., Candido, K. D., & Knezevic, N. N. (2022). Utility of Cervical Sympathetic Block in Treating Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Multiple Cohorts: A Retrospective Analysis. Pain Physician, 25(1), 77-85.

2. James H. Lynch, Sean W. Mulvaney, Craig J. Bryan and David Hernandez. Stellate Ganglion Block Reduces Anxiety Symptoms by Half: A Case Series of 285 Patients. J.Pers.Med.2023.


How SGB Works

  1. 1 The brain’s fight or flight response can become “stuck” in high gear after experiencing trauma.
  2. 2 This can cause an injury to the brain, resulting in symptoms of PTSD like hypervigilance, insomnia, and irritability.
  3. 3 The SGB is not a standalone procedure. It is an adjunct treatment that may enhance the effectiveness of a comprehensive mental health plan for PTSD or anxiety.

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Considered the pioneer of the Stellate Ganglion Block treatment for PTSD, Dr. Lipov was the first to use the procedure for PTSD back in 2006. Because of his development of Stella’s SGB procedure, the Dual Sympathetic Reset, Dr. Lipov has been called the “Einstein of modern anesthesiology” for his work developing the SGB treatment for PTSD. As one of the world's leading experts, Dr. Lipov ensures that the latest protocols are being followed by every Stella physician, to meet our highest standards of care.

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